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Stencils / Safety Tapes

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Heavy Duty Parking Lot Stencils

Heavy Duty Parking Lot Stencils

  • All stencils made of 1/8" thick plastic.
  • Paint can be applied by using spray equipment or by brush or roller.
  • Stencils are made for easy clean up.
  • When paint is dry just bend stencil or hit against hard surface and paint will flake off easily.
  • Ideal for parking lots, warehouses, schools, etc.
  • Stencils are lightweight, and rolls up for easy UPS shipping.
  • Call or fax for pricing on stencils with logos.
  • Custom Stencils are priced per letter.
  • Order as individual letters or as a complete stencil.
  • Additional discount for complete alphabet.
Hazard Stripe Tape

Hazard Stripe Tape

This 7 mil PVC black/yellow self-adhesive vinyl tape is required by OSHA to signal physical hazards.
Reflective Warning Stripe Tape

Reflective Warning Stripe Tape

This self adhesive reflective stripe tape provides an extra margin of safety during blackouts, night-time, or low light conditions.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • This product is weather resistant.
Barricade Sheeting

Barricade Sheeting

Self Adhesive engineer grade reflective barricade tape alternates white and orange stripes diagonally on a 45 degree angle.
  • Easy to apply to existing barricades or can be wrapped around barrels.
  • When ordering--designate "L" for LEFT stripe or "R" for RIGHT stripe after the part number.
  • All rolls 50 yards long.
  • Stripes are 6" wide.
Seriesconspicuity Tape

Seriesconspicuity Tape

Conspicuity tape offers exceptional benefits, far exceeding NHTSA requirements for marking vehicles. Rivets can be taped over then cut around, or tape can be riveted through. Comes in 6" white/6" red pattern that is cut every 12” to the liner for easy application.
Reflective High Visibility Tape

Reflective High Visibility Tape

Highly visible reflective marking tapes reflect light as it hits the surface making these tapes easily seen from a distance. Self-adhesive tapes adhere to smooth, clean dry surfaces. Ideal for marking posts, barricades, poles, floors and more.
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